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Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Conservatorships, Guardianships

Estate Planning Expertise

After your death, don’t burden your family and loved ones with trying to guess your final wishes, or why you made them in that way. Wills and other legal documents prepared as part of your estate plan will help dictate your final wishes effectively and accurately.

A thoughtful and flexible estate plan will eliminate questions, confusion, and disputes about your intentions and your property after your death. If you want your wishes to be carried out, and want to avoid unintended financial consequences to your estate, you need to work on estate planning while you are physically well and competent to make these important decisions. The Strickler Brennan Catlin Law Firm can guide you through the estate planning process and work with you to form a plan that will provide direction to your family about your health care wishes, protect your assets and guide your family’s future.

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Our Lawyers Offer Decades of Estate Planning Experience

Do you have questions about estate plans and how to begin? Don’t hesitate to ask our team of experienced estate planning attorneys. We want you to understand all of your options so you can make educated decisions about you and your family’s future.

SBC is proud to serve clients in the Boulder area, helping numerous families understand their legal options and secure their final wishes.

A Will is Essential to Protect Your Family’s Future

If you pass away without a will, the probate court may appoint an individual it selects to manage and distribute the assets of your estate, without regard to your wishes or your family’s needs. The probate process takes a minimum of six months to complete in Colorado, and having someone you trust to handle the administration is crucial. Without a will, the government may charge a hefty inheritance tax on the property and money you leave behind, reducing the assets that your beneficiaries receive. Even without inheritance tax, without proper guidance from you, your beneficiaries may not be treated in the way you wish.

To avoid these problems and protect as much of your estate as possible for your beneficiaries, allow our attorneys to help you craft a will that complies with local, state, and federal laws. We’ll help guide you past obstacles that could otherwise render your will invalid and explain issues that may arise given your assets, and creative solutions to address administration of those assets.


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