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Yes, it is Colorado and it snows here in the Winter. Snow and Ice accumulate on walkways and falls happen. People get injured – sometimes severely. I hear insurance adjusters (usually from out of state) tell me all the time – “There is no liability for injuries caused as a result of falling on the ice. Everyone has the duty to recognize dangerous conditions and avoid them.” While it is true that everyone has a duty to exercise reasonable care to try to avoid being injured due to falling on an icy walkway, every landlord/land owner/property manager in Colorado has a duty to exercise reasonable care to protect invitees on their property from dangers of which they actually knew, or reasonably should have known of.

Photos of the scene of the fall are invaluable. Get photos of the scene as soon as possible after your fall. Even if you’re reading this and time has passed, try to get photos anyway. File an accident report with the owner/landlord/manager of the property as soon as possible after your fall. Creating a record of your injury is very important.

Although slip and fall injury cases can be challenging, the injuries can be serious and worth pursuing. For example, I represented a woman who took a “prat fall” on an icy walkway and suffered a prolapsed uterus. The case settled for $250,000. I represented a waitress who went out behind the restaurant for a break, who slipped on ice that had accumulated from an improperly placed drain pipe and broke her leg. The case settled for $250,000. I represented a gentleman who slipped on an icy walkway into a business and tore his quadriceps tendon. The case settled for $225,000. Your claim may be very different than these, and it may not be worth as much, but if you have been seriously injured, it is important to you, and potentially your family. The call and the consultation are free. There is no attorney fee unless we recover money for you. If you have been injured, call us as soon as possible. Time is important.