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Q: Are trucking accident cases the same as auto accident cases?

A: NO! Truck accident cases are different in more ways than can be discussed in a short article. If you are injured in a collision with a truck, it is imperative that you retain an attorney with experience in litigating truck accident cases IMMEDIATELY.

Before becoming an attorney, Mark Biddison spent ten years in the trucking business as a driver, including several years as an over-the-road driver for several well-known companies, as well as being an owner-operator, with experience in hauling hazardous cargo; specialized heavy haul; as well as other types of freight. Mr. Biddison has over 1,000,000 miles as an over-the-road driver and is the recipient of several safe driver awards. Mr. Biddison has handled many truck accident cases, using his specialized knowledge to obtain large settlements in cases other attorneys were not equipped to handle.

Beginning with the initial investigation and evidence retention letter to the trucking company and its insurance carrier, everything is different from handling an “ordinary” automobile collision. You must have the assistance and know-how of an experienced trucking accident attorney to request and obtain the necessary information if you are to obtain a full and fair recovery of damages.

If you are injured in a collision with a truck, it is important that you retain an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Don’t call just any auto injury lawyer. Call one who knows the ropes and what needs to be done to successfully handle your case. Your initial consultation is free. There is no attorney fee unless we recover money for you. If you have been injured in a truck accident, call today for a consultation.